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Facebook Ads -What you must know

Facebook Ads is well on its way to earning more than $ 4 billion in advertising. Every click that Facebook users make contributes to making revenue.

Facebook Ads are the paid massages that businesses make in their own voices. Facebook advertising helps them to reach those people who matter the most to them. While creating those ads, businesses choose text, images, and their audiences to help them flourish their business over the internet.

Facebook Ads – A Short History

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Though Facebook has been there from around since 2004, advertisements on Facebook did not boom before 2014. Before that time, Facebook kept the newsfeed exclusive only for friends and family posts and did not approve of advertising. Unlike today, ads on Facebook used to be on the right side of the page or sometimes appeared as sidebar ads but never on any user’s newsfeed. 

However, the industry of social advertising was rising. And thus, Facebook started to allow ads to take place on a user’s newsfeed. Facebook from the beginning has been collecting data about its users, such as what kind of posts they used to like and share and their friend list. It started utilizing those data to target customers according to their interests while advertising, which none other social media networks could do.  

Facebook Ads Policy

Before jumping into anything, it is a must to know about everything related to that. Just like that, it is very important to know about all the Facebook advertising policy before you take any step toward it. Because we are sure, you don’t want all of your efforts to go in vain just because it does not fulfill all the requirements or goes against any of the provided rules.  

Thus, the first thing to do when someone wishes to go for Facebook advertising is to know about the policies of Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising policy provides a guideline about what type of ads are allowed to publish. Facebook reviews every ad typically within 24 hours against those policies whenever any advertiser places an order. To get approval, you need to have a fully functional landing page for your ads. A page with contents that relate to the product or service you are promoting in your ad.

Along with the landing page, Facebook also reviews the text, images, positioning, and targeting of your ads. And it does not approve any ad that violates any of the policies of Facebook.

What to do in case of disapproval

And if your ad gets disapproved, the first thing you can do is check if you also find it valid not to be approved. If you feel that your ad was mistakenly disapproved, you can ask for a review for the decision on the ‘Account Quality’ section.

When your ad gets disapproved, the authority sends you an email to the email address associated with your advertising account. That email contains the details about why they rejected your ad. You can edit your current ad and create a new, compliant one. When you save the changes, your new ad is automatically resubmitted for review.

When will they disapprove of your ads?

Facebook disapproves of an ad if its contents violate the community standards. It may also promote discriminatory practices or illegal products or services such as tobacco or related products, drugs and drug-related products, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition, or explosives. Your ad cannot even contain any adult content or promote any adult products or services. 

It cannot contain any sensational or too much content. Your ad’s content cannot hurt any race, belief, gender, ethnic origin, religion, etc. your ad is also restricted to have malware or spyware, automatic animation, circumventing system, unacceptable business practices. You cannot advertise for selling financial products or services that are prohibited or any body parts.

Targeting and positioning

While targeting the audience, you have to keep to terms with your mind. The first is that you should never use your targeting options for discriminating against, threatening, intimidating, or disenfranchising users or participating in predatory ads. And the second is that, if you target your advertisements to custom audiences, you must abide by the applicable terms while creating an audience. 

While positioning, any advertiser has to keep in mind that any components of ads, including any images, text, or other media should be appropriate and relevant to the product or service that is being advertised. Also, every ad must accurately present the company, brand, product, or service that is advertised.

Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook advertising has become a reliable strategy for businesses around the world. Around 7 million advertisers are active on the platform of Facebook advertising. But if you are thinking about promoting your business over this social media network, you must know about the Facebooking advertising cost. 

There are different bidding models, such as CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). Facebook will cost you around $0.97 on every click if you are using CPC. And you will have to spend $7.19 per thousand impressions if you go for CPM. There are some other bidding models like CPL or Cost per Click and CPA or Cost Per Download. These are the models used for ad campaigns that focus on app download or earning likes. You may expect to spend $1.07 on every like and $5.47 on each download in such cases.

However, the compiled study shows that the costs mentioned above are just average. Your business may incur higher or lower costs depending on different factors. Those factors include the target market, ad placement, the industry, and many more. 

Hence, rather than using these amounts as a standard, you can use them as a reference point. If you treat these amounts as a standard, there is a high chance that you may make unrealistic expectations regarding your advertising campaign. This may be very risky, and you may end up with the company’s poor performance and unhappy decision-maker.

Facebook Auction

You would be really helpful if you have knowledge about Facebook Auction before you explore the other driving factors of Facebook Advertising. You will be able to optimize your Facebook Advertising Cost if you know how Facebook auction operates. 

Because, here, advertisers have a chance to select the highest amount they are willing to pay each day. They can also choose which action they want to pay for, such as clicks, views, likes, or download. They use interest, device, and demographic targeting to build their audiences. Then they use creatives such as text, image, or video to get approval for their ads.

Now when the ads finally are approved to be shown, that’s where Facebook Auction comes in. Facebook evaluates the bid, quality, and estimated action rates of every potential ad in order to determine ad relevance. And generates the total value of the ad based on this information.

The ad that gets the highest total value becomes the winner. And Facebook then delivers to that winning ad. Based on the auction, you will be able to determine the factor that impacts your ads and their cost the most. You can optimize these matrices to lower your Facebook Advertising Cost.

How Does a Facebook Ad Work?

Facebook ads these days come in several varieties. Through these, you are able to promote your page, posts on it, actions that users took, and your business website itself. Despite many traffic and native ads that get focused, you can still succeed if you can take the users to your website.

Before going for Facebook advertising, you have to make sure that if your business model fits the platform. Because every year, a lot of businesses fail due to being unfit for the channel. To flourish your business, you must always look for and try new channels.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that people use Facebook to connect with their friends rather than buy items. So, the aim of your ad should be to generate demand but to fulfill it.